Thai Green Hot Sauce Mild
Thai Green Hot Sauce
Thai Green Hot Sauce Mild on a vegan sandwich
Thai Green Hot Sauce on a salad
Thai green hot sauce mixed with guacamole
Thai Green Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Thai Green Hot Sauce

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STOP! Here from Hot Ones? This isn't the featured hot sauce, this one is much milder. You can get the HOT Thai Green here

Very Mild Thai Green is aromatic, bright, and fresh. The first thing you'll taste is the fresh lemongrass and lime, followed by delicious cilantro and Thai ginger. Coconut flakes added for their smooth fresh taste and great texture. Try it as a marinade for proteins, with avocados, as salad dressing, in a rice bowl.

Organic Ingredients, No GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, No Sugar Added, Paleo Friendly.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Payne
Good sauce

Thai green is one of my 2 favorite flavors (Peach Cayenne is the other), but all of them are good. I particularly like that that they are made with good ingredients, and I am especially pleased that they are very low on sodium, which most sauces of this type are not.

Scottie V

Very yummy and it makes my tummy happy. Every bite I take of Thai green makes me want to sing and dance because it tastes very yummy.

Thai Green Hot Sauce is sublime.

Just the right amount of spice that keeps one wanting to pour it on almosts everything!

Accidentally bought this... and it's still great

I accidentally bought Thai Green Hot Sauce instead of the hotter variant as I normally like a bit more kick, however, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy this sauce just on flavor alone and have been dousing many of my meals with it. Delicious.


Not much to say but this is great! Had it on my eggs but will try on many other things.