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Umami RESERVE Hot Sauce

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Hot Umami Reserve is the spicy savory sauce. Same mouth-watering savory base as the mild Umami, but this time with the spicy, flavorful chocolate habanero pepper. It's only chocolate in color, but it's addictive and satisfying just like its namesake.

Organic Ingredients, No GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, No Sugar Added, Paleo Friendly.

Customer Reviews

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Bob Graham

I’m addicted to this hot sauce. My favorite Seed Ranch product though I enjoy others. It has just a little thickness to its consistency greater than most hot sauces so like the fact it’s a little less prone to dripping off what I’m putting it on. As it’s name indicates it packs umami in a big way. It has the requisite heat kick but as with all Seed Ranch sauces I’ve sampled it’s not hot simply for the sake of being hot. So if you buy hot sauce simply for intense heat thus probably isn’t for you. If, however, you want a great balanced flavor packing some kick I’d recommend this enthusiastically!

Tucker Foley
Great sauce

Thumbs up. Taste and spice are on point!

Francine Liebel

It hasn’t arrived yet.


This is the BEST. Love this all-around sauce. Such depth of flavor and good on everything from Asian to scrambled eggs. My favorite ❤️❤️

Ryan Palmer
Umami reserve

This sauce is amazing in every way! Great work you all!