The Classics Bundle - Umami, Thai Green, Smoked Jalapeño, Umami Reserve Hot Sauces
Umami Everyday Sauce
Thai Green Hot Sauce Mild
Smoked Jalapeño Hot Sauce
Umami Reserve Hot Sauce
Classic Bundle Gift Pack

The Classics Bundle

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Our mixed selection of earthy rich Umami Everyday Sauce, sweet and smoky Smoked Jalapeño, citrusy grassy Thai Green, and chocolate habanero spiked Umami Reserve is the perfect introduction to Seed Ranch Flavor Co. These sauces are amazing for cooking, dousing, and make a perfect gift for your saucy friends!

Why choose us?

Incredible Flavor

You've just made a delicious discovery. Our secret is unique, thoughtful ingredients that make our sauces go beyond vinegar and hot peppers. It's not just an extra kick– a dash of Seed Ranch brings your food to life!

Nothing Strange

You can count on Seed Ranch for clean, organic ingredients free from preservatives, GMOs, or refined sugar. We work with farmers and suppliers who hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity so we all can live happier, healthier lives.