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"This set is all about flavor. While there is just enough heat to let you know it's a hot sauce, it's easy enough for everyone to handle and enjoy the flavors."

Steve S.

"Every single sauce I’ve had from Seed Ranch has at one point been my favorite sauce. One sauce or another from this company usually finds its way onto the table, regardless the meal."

Eric D.

"I keep it on my desk and eat it almost daily. This has everything you want in a hot sauce and more."

Jane S.

"Thai Green Sauce makes my taste buds feel like I'm in a delicious river of heaven"

Amazon Customer
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When it comes to flavor, Seed Ranch has your back. Whether you're topping off tacos, a breakfast sandwich, or fixing a quick snack, there’s always a perfect flavor in our set of sauces and seasonings.

From our kitchen to yours

People should be able to trust what they’re eating. That’s why you can count on Seed Ranch for clean, organic ingredients free from preservatives, GMOs, or refined sugar. We work with farmers and suppliers who hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity so we all can live happier, healthier lives.


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