HOT ONES Hot Thai Green Hot Sauce
HOT ONES Hot Thai Green Hot Sauce
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Hot Thai Green hot sauce on tacos
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HOT ONES Hot Thai Green Hot Sauce

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As seen on celebrity interview show HOT ONES Season 11

Hot The Hot Thai Green is our spiciest, bright, aromatic sauce. This unique sauce is citrusy and herbaceous with a spicy kick at the end from Green Carolina Reaper pepper. As seen on HOT ONES Season 11!

Organic Ingredients, No GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, No Sugar Added, Paleo Friendly.

Customer Reviews

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exceptionally tasty!

Green Means Go - As in Get some! Hot Thai Green - Delish!

Was my first introduction to Seed Flavor Co. and have been re-upping every since. Keep it up!

Love It

The flavor of this sauce is absolutely delicious. So far its gone great on pizza and eggs, but I can see many more uses for it. I will say that its not overbearingly hot, in fact we've already gone through half the bottle in just a few days (its THAT good) but its not gonna wreck your mouth...just your behind.

Very Hot, Very Delicious

This hot Thai sauce is bursting with flavor and is very hot. Dip your chicken strips, seafood, fries, anything in it, and it will add intense flavor and heat. Even if you need to lower the temp by mixing it with something (ranch is good with fries), you'll know it's there. One of the best small batch, small bottle enhancers I've ever purchased. Highly recommended.

Perfect Hot Sauce

This is one of the best hot sauces I have found in quite a while. The flavor is unique and refreshing. When tasting the first taste is the citrus thanks to lime and lemongrass then freshness of basil and cilantro followed by heat. I would say I have an above average heat tolerance and the heat of this is pleasant. It’s hot enough to feel but not to dominate and overpower everything else. If your not really into hot foods there is a less hot variety of this sauce from the same company. If you enjoy heat this sauce is perfect in every way. Plenty of flavor and heat that doesn’t wreck your taste buds and erase other flavors.

Why choose us?

Incredible Flavor

You've just made a delicious discovery. Our secret is unique, thoughtful ingredients that make our sauces go beyond vinegar and hot peppers. It's not just an extra kick– a dash of Seed Ranch brings your food to life!

Nothing Strange

You can count on Seed Ranch for clean, organic ingredients free from preservatives, GMOs, or refined sugar. We work with farmers and suppliers who hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity so we all can live happier, healthier lives.