HOT ONES Hot Thai Green Hot Sauce

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The hottest we make. This sauce is not for the faint of heart, it's our spiciest sauce yet, but trust us, it's worth the heat.

One-of-a-kind combo of flavors. It's bright and aromatic, with a unique citrusy and herbaceous flavor that will blow your taste buds away. But don't let that fool you - this sauce is packing some serious heat thanks to the Green Carolina Reaper pepper.

Featured on Hot Ones. If you're a fan of Hot Ones, you might’ve seen Hot Thai Green before when it was featured on Season 11 of the show, and it definitely brought the heat. 

Not just for Thai food. Wherever you’d use garnish like cilantro or green onion, you could use Hot Thai Green for a burst of herbaceous heat! Try it on proteins, rice bowls, noodles, breakfast, the list goes on. No matter how you use it, your taste buds will thank you (but your mouth might hate you for a minute).

Looking for milder? Try the same recipe without the hot pepper, Thai Green Hot Sauce

Refrigeration is not necessary. Simply store in a cool dry place.

Because we don't use any gums or preservatives, separation may occur. Give the sauce a good shake before you use it.

All Seed Ranch products are vegan, gluten-free, & made without GMOs, gums, preservatives, or artificial sugars.

Check product images for info on ingredients and allergens.

Plant-based Flavor

Seed Ranch has been plant-based from the beginning. Even though hot sauce is typically vegan, our products are made with plant-based cooking in mind. Even our name, Seed Ranch Flavor Co, came from the idea that the best food is grown from seeds.


Ever since we started selling sauce at the Boulder Farmer's Market in 2017, we've been inspired by using high quality, fresh ingredients and home cooking to come up with our new flavors. Everything still starts in our home kitchen, taste-tested by family and friends.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Thomas Worley
Great Flavor

We went to a hot sauce festival and tried hundred of sauces and this one was the best! Flavorful and spicy.

Tastes Great

Friend did a hot challenge, I'll never do that again. This sauce was delicious, I don't care about hot, I like flavor. The only downside is they don't sell it in a bulk size.

Aaron Strunsky

HOT ONES Hot Thai Green Hot Sauce

Dustin Kimball
Hot Thai green and just about any other sauce from this company

Everything I have tried so far from Seed Ranch Flavor Co has been beyond exceptional, and this sauce is no exception. Bright, tasty, balanced and versatile. Among the best of my sauces, along with others from Seed Ranch, and I have a whole mini fridge dedicated to a large sauce collection. Phenomenal! I am excited to try all that Seed Ranch offers, and they have earned my respect and repeat business!

Steven Napier
Very tasty really enjoy it

Happy customer