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Truffle Hound

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Truffle hot sauce made with real summer truffles. Nothing strange. 

Truffle Hound is a delicious, gourmet sauce featuring a blend of summer truffles, organic chili de arbol and ghost pepper. This sauce has the decadent, rich truffle taste and smooth sweetness of dates. No added sugar, no gums, no colors. Nothing strange. 

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time, you'll always find something to put it on. 

Customer Reviews

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Pir Granoff

This is incredible. Best sauce I've ever had. Well I can't decide between this an Umami Reserve. I need both. *drool*

Z. El-Sawaf

The combo of the spicy kick with the delicious truffle is fantastic! Amazing on just about anything but particularly good on veggies!

David Garcia
OMG, it's like purple mountain majesty for your taste buds

I don't know why I wasted my life NOT using this hot sauce. Did I say "hot sauce"? It more like salvation in a bottle that will lift your spirits to the hosanna.

Put it on everything

I have loved everything I've gotten from Seed Ranch Flavor Co, but have to say that the Truffle Hound is hands down my favorite. It so far goes with every dish I've paired it with. I love it on my eggs in the morning. It is packed with flavor and has a heat that sneaks up on you (mostly because I keep on adding more and more because it's so good).

Emily Eby
Great on eggs

Really loved this one — not too truffle heavy and not too spicy!