Truffle Hound 2 Pack
Truffle hound on buddha bowl
Truffle hound hot sauce on potstickers
Truffle hound hot sauce on burrito
Truffle Hound 2 Pack
Truffle Hound 2 Pack

Truffle Hound 2 Pack

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Truffle hot sauce made with real summer truffles. Nothing strange. 

Truffle Hound is a delicious, gourmet sauce featuring a blend of summer truffles, organic chili de arbol and ghost pepper. This sauce has the decadent, rich truffle taste and smooth sweetness of dates. No added sugar, no gums, no colors. Nothing strange. 

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time, you'll always find something to put it on. It's that good! 

Customer Reviews

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More truffle than I thought!

I wasn't expecting this sauce to have a big amount of truffle taste, I thought it was going to be a small amount that you could barley taste. And I'm glad I was wrong. The heat is just the right amount for my liking. I'll definitely be purchasing more in the future

David Garcia
The new sauce formula has, literally, been watered down

I originally bought this sauce and it had the consistency of a thick spaghetti sauce…which was perfect for how I like to apply it on my food and in my cooking. Now, it’s extremely runny. When a bottle sits for a length of time you can see the excess water separate from the rest of the sauce. If I were brand new to this product I would not attach such a low rating, but knowing how good it was before, and then seeing what is obviously an operational ploy to save money, just really makes me sad.

truffle with just the right amount of heat

I love this sauce have bought it as gifts for my friends and family
they all love it too, even got a local retailer to stock it
great balance of savory and heat it's flavor is completly it's own and is so good it's addicting
Great on eggs on Tacos on Steak

Chuck Frey

Truffle Hound 2 Pack