The Truffle Umami Bundle
Truffle hound hot sauce on burrito
Truffle fire gourmet spicy hot sauce
Umami Everyday Sauce with Spaghetti
Umami All-Purpose Seasoning
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The Truffle Umami Bundle

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The Truffle Umami Bundle brings together savory hot sauces and seasoning to make every dish more delicious. Featuring organic, non-gmo, gf, plant-based, and fresh ingredients, each sauce and seasoning is bursting with flavor. Real black truffle, porcini mushrooms, kelp fronds, oven dried olives, and nutritional yeast are just a few of the sources of Umami we use. From our kitchen to your table, this set of flavors will turn everyday cooks into chefs, and snacks from something good to something great.

Ships in a recyclable, Seed Ranch branded gift box.

Customer Reviews

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my favorite truffle hot sauce and it's vegan

I have turned so many people onto this sauce Seed ranch should be paying me
This makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone who loves haot sauce
Plus because it's vegan makes a great gift for vegatarians and vegans
Flavors of Savory Umami truffle and heat that comes on strong and finishes soft

Aryan Samar
Truffle Hound Sauce is now a STAPLE.

My wife and I tried the Truffle Hound sauce after a friend suggested it. They found it on market and eventually convinced us to try it. We ended up going straight to the manufacturer and man, are we incredibly glad that we did. This sauce is incredible. INCREDIBLE. We find reasons to make meals that would pair well with the sauce. By the way, we have yet to find anything that pairs poorly with it.

I heavily recommend trying this bundle. It really does seem to give you a glimpse into what this company is trying to do with these flavors.

Samantha Davis
Unbelievably Good

This hot sauce is so good and literally incredible on everything. The perfect combination of truffle and spicy.

Tucker Foley

The Truffle Umami Bundle