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Variety is the spice of life. We offer a wide range of unique & tasty hot sauces and the world's tastiest boxed mac & cheese. Keep scrolling to learn about GrownAs* Mac!

Cut the crap. Eating right should be super easy and super tasty. That's why we make food packed with nutritious stuff and leave out the filler and additives. Expect good, clean flavor here!


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Our Story

Seed Ranch Roots

Ever since we started selling sauce at the Boulder Farmer's Market in 2017, we've been inspired by using high quality, fresh ingredients and home cooking to come up with our new flavors.

Plant-Based Flavor

Seed Ranch has been plant-based from the beginning. Our products are made with plant-based cooking in mind, and even our name, Seed Ranch Flavor Co, came from the idea that the best food is grown from seeds.

Introducing GrownAs* Foods

After years of being vegan, we never found a mac and cheese that we enjoyed, or that our children would eat. We kept imagining mac and cheese that everyone at the table could dig into, so we created it from scratch. When it comes to taste, nutrition, sustainability and cheesiness, we beat out the mac and cheese of our childhood every time. 

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